Jeff Umbehauer
2 Shoot The Breeze
3 1000 Thousand Points of Light
4 Stand here Now
5 Sometimes
6 Fine By Me
7Springtime Afternoon
8 Look at them run
9 Poor Boy
10 Darkside
11 Turnin Your eyes Away
12 Current of Tears
13 9/11
Jeff Umbehauer (guitars, vocals, bass, recorder, organ, percussion), Bill Costanzo (ace
of bass). Tim McConaughy (vocals and mandolin), Ted Adelberger (vocals), Kent
Heckman (lead guitar), Joe Leitmeyer (drums and percussion), Craig Kuhlow
(mandolin(ripple), violin), Holly Umbehauer (vocals). Hana Umbehauer (vocals), Philip
Umbehauer (percussion)
  1. Ripple
  2. Magazine
  3. Evening thunder
  4. Crazy Point of View
  5. 2nd Day
  6. No Angel
  7. Run & Hide
  8. Bridges
  9. Love Rock & Roll
  10. Dancin' In the Park
  11. Anybody Here
  12. Green, Diamonds, & Gold
  13. Beautiful Girl

  1. Island Song
  2. Magic Wand
  3. Bright Lights
  4. Comfort Me
  5. The Awakening
  6. The Garden
  7. Hold Me
  8. Someone's Watchin'
  9. Lonely Sometimes
Jeff Umbehauer (guitars, lead vocals, background vocals), Tim McConaughy (guitars,
mandolin, background vocals), Phil Markowitz (acoustic piano, synthesizers), Anthony
Dominic (fretted, fretless and acoustic basses), Scott Cutshall (drums and
percussion), Kent Heckman (lead guitar on
Bright Lights and Lonely Sometimes, slide
guitar on
Magic Wand and Hold Me)
Jeff Umbehauer
Fields Home